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Patient satisfaction our key priority

Thank you for visiting our website. Parker & Hammond Opticians is proud to be providing eye care services since 1934. We are an independent optician with branches in Harrow and Northwood.

We want all our patients to enjoy the best possible vision they can achieve. Customer satisfaction is our key priority and it is with this ethos that we continue to be successful.

Our happy, loyal patients recommend our services to their friends and family which has enabled our growth and success over the years.

Experienced professionals coupled with the latest technology

Our specialist practitioners in Harrow and Northwood have a wealth of experience. We have a strong clinical focus and provide eye care services not often found in other opticians. By investing in the latest technology you can be in comfort that you will only receive the highest quality eye care.

Committed to excellence with patients in the local community to around the globe

At the forefront of optometric eye care, Parker & Hammond Opticians in Harrow and Northwood continues to attract patients who want the very best for their eyes. This is true not only in the local community, but from around the UK and around the world.

We look forward to seeing you soon!