Sun’s out, shades on!

We all know that too much UV can be bad for our skin, and lead to things such as skin cancer. Growing up we were always warned about the dangers of the sun and how it was important to wear sun cream. But has anybody ever really been told about the dangers of UV rays to our eyes?

In this blog, our Harrow opticians takes a look at some of the things you can do to protect them, after all, you only get one pair. Read on to find out more…

Eskimos invented sunglasses

Yes, it’s true! Eskimos invented ‘sunglasses’ over 2,000 years ago from animal bone, wood and leather. They made tiny slits in the material so that only the smallest amount of light could come through, therefore protecting their eyes from the blinding sun! Pretty clever if you ask us.

But how can we protect our eyes? We’re not Eskimos…

That’s right, we’re not. But we can still make an effort to protect our eyes by wearing sunglasses that block UV rays, not just from the fronts of your eyes, but your peripheral vision as well. However, we understand that for many people this isn’t the most flattering of styles, so always make sure you choose something that is flattering for you but with 100% UV protection.

A cloudy day, time to put the shades away…

Absolutely not! UV can still damage your eyes even on a cloudy day. In fact, scientists believe that UV rays can be stronger on a cloudy day, leading to sunburn on your eyes. So get the sunglasses back out!

How do I know if I’ve sunburnt my eyes?

Symptoms of sunburnt eyes include the following; eye pain, gritty feeling, burning sensation, red eyes, swollen eyes and/or lids, watery eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light.

If you believe your eyes are sunburnt it’s vital you get them checked out as soon as possible at an opticians or doctors.

Always wear your sunglasses…

Protect one of the most vital organs in your body…head to your local Parker & Hammond opticians. We offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses in stock, as well as being able to give you the best eye care advice.

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