5 facts about your eyes

Didn’t think eyes were interesting? Think again! Our opticians in Harrow shares 5 interesting facts about your eyes, which you’ve probably never heard before!

Blue eyes contain less melanin

Ever wondered why people have different coloured eyes? It’s all down to something called melanin, a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin and iris! While everyone has melanin it comes in different forms, in some cases resulting in brown eyes. Blue eyes contain less melanin which allows collagen (which is blue) to show through.

The average person blinks 17 times a minute!

We blink a lot, and you probably don’t even notice! On average, people blink around 17 times a minute – with one blink typically lasting 100 -150 milliseconds, making it the fastest muscle in the body! If our calculations are correct that means we blink a whopping 5.2 million times a year!

Eyeballs grow as you age

A common myth is that your eyes stay the same size, from birth right through to old age. This isn’t true, your eyes grow a great deal in the first two years of life, and another growth spurt occurs in puberty. A baby’s eyes will measure around 16 millimetres, in comparison to fully grown adults which are around 24 millimetres wide.

Eyes heal quickly

Despite what you may think, your eyes pretty quickly. With proper care, it only takes around 48 hours for a minor corneal scratch to fully heal! However, this doesn’t mean they are invincible, we still need to take good care of them, especially in the sun, as believe it or not – eyes can get sunburnt.

Your retinas see the world as upside-down!

As the front part of the eyes is curved, it creates an upside-down image on the retina – it’s our brains that actually process the information and flip the image right way up! The retina plays a vital role in the eye, turning light into signals about images that the brain itself can understand. Reversing goggles exist which enable you to see things the way that your retinas do.

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