Eyewear trends that are HOT this summer

Sunglasses are vital in summer, not only do they protect your eyes, but they can be the ultimate fashion accessory! Every year, there is a new trend, from modern and cool styles to classic and old-school favourites, and 2019 is no different.

In this blog, our Harrow opticians explore some of the top eyewear trends that are set to be scorching this summer! 

The 70s makes a comeback

Forget small shades, it’s all about big, retro square shapes with that 70’s feel this year. If you want to make a statement, oversized sunglasses will suit you well (as let’s face it, you won’t be able to miss them!). For those that fancy something a little softer, and less sharp round lenses are also on trend this summer.


Brand: WOOW Eyewear

Animal Print

Fun and chic, animal print is making strides. Over the years, this trend has continued to come back into fashion when it comes to sunglasses, especially leopard and tortoiseshell print! Although they are essential for eye protection, sunglasses don’t need to be boring and animal print is a great way to show off some personality! 

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The animal theme just keeps on coming, cat-eyed sunglasses are a favourite this year. A pretty old-fashioned style, cat eye style is like that of, you guessed it, a cat! They have an upsweep (or taper) at the outer edges, a style which first became popular in the 1950s. This style constantly has peaks and dips in popularity, but in 2019, it’s right on trend.


Brand: WOOW Eyewear

Aviator style

One of the most classic styles that come to mind when you think of sunglasses, aviators are a strong choice. Is there a time when they haven’t been popular? There is something to suit everyone when it comes to this style as there are so many different finishes and people can choose what fits with their fashion sense. From plastic and metal to reflective and coloured lenses.

The colour red

Goodbye black sunnies. Hello, colour! Red frames are making a strong comeback in 2019. A pop of colour looks fresh and bright, and colourful sunglasses can really frame a face well. A bold choice, but a great one, if you ask us! If red isn’t your thing, why not opt for pink, blue or purple?


Brand: WOOW Eyewear

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