How to look after your contact lenses

In our last post, we told you how to insert and remove your contact lenses with ease! In our latest blog, we give you some tips for looking after them, to make sure they don’t damage your eyes.


If you look after your lenses, they’ll look after your eyes! Cleaning your lenses is so important if you wear reusable ones. Find out what you can do to make sure your lenses are always comfortable.


By cleaning your lenses properly you can make sure eye infections are kept to a minimum. If you’re wearing reusable ones, it’s so important to stick to a cleaning routine to keep them in top condition. Daily disposable lenses can be thrown out as soon as you remove them from your eye, so the information below is for those wearing reusable lenses.


  • After removing your lenses, rub them gently with a few drops of your prescribed cleaning solution for about 20 seconds.
  • To store your lenses, place them carefully in your contact lens case. Be sure that the lens doesn’t get caught in the little cage if you’re using a barrel container. The case must be clean and filled with fresh solution.
  • NEVER use tap water to clean your lenses or contact lens case as this can lead to eye infections.
  • If you’re not sure on how your lenses should be cleaned and stored then check the instructions on your solution. If in doubt, pop into branch and we’ll help you out!

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