How to look after your eyes this winter

The cold weather can really take its toll on your eyes. Even when indoors the central heating can dry out your eyes which can be extremely uncomfortable. To help you out this winter, our Harrow opticians has put together a couple of top tips to looking after your eyes this winter, and how to keep dry eyes at bay.



  • Use lubricating eye drops to keep the front of the eyes moist, and where possible ones that are preservative-free are better. Don’t worry if you’re a contact lens wearer it will be clearly labelled on the box if these are suitable for you!


  • If you’re out in the wind be sure to wear DV glasses or sunglasses if it is bright. They’ll protect your eyes from the wind and help with low sun.


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  • As mentioned, drops are available for contact lens wearers however, if you feel your eyes are persistently dry when the weather changes, it could be worth speaking with your optician. They’ll be able to advise if there are some order xanax online pills alternative lenses you can try.


  • If you work on a screen in a dry environment (such as an office) then you may want to try some blinking exercise to keep eyes moist. When using a computer we tend to blink up to 60% less, which leads to our eyes drying out at a greater speed. A way to combat this is trying to blink every time you hit the space bar on your keyboard! Try it and see if it works for you.


  • Invest in a specially designed, heated eye bag to keep tear glands free-flowing and eyes moist. 


  • Drink water! Keeping hydrated helps to keep your eyes moist and reduce dry eye.


  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Foods rich in omega 3 and 6 (found in fish oils) are recommended. Foods that have antioxidant vitamins may also help.


If dry eye persists or your vision worsens, be sure to contact your optician. Book an eye test with us, or pop into branch!